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For other uses, see Cricket (disambiguation) ... The Talking Cricket features in Carlo Collodi's 1883 children's book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, and in films based on the book.

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Learn All About Cricket Insect. What Are Crickets?

Ears: The Weird World of Insect Hearing | Discover Magazine

Their loud, high-pitched, whistle-like songs travel high into the canopy to reach the ears of listening females.

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Next (Cricket (sports) ... The common black cricket, Gryllus assimilis.

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Evolution made insect ears many times over, resulting in a dazzling variety of forms found in spots all over the body

Insect Ear Exploits a Critical Oscillator for ...

A Tympanal Insect Ear Exploits a Critical Oscillator for Active Amplification and Tuning

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Looking for fun and interesting facts about cricket?

ear canal reduces sound velocity to create additional ...

The katydid tympanal ears have outer, middle, and inner ear components analogous to mammalian ears.